The PCS Portal How To Guide

The PCS Portal will allow a parent or guardian to see all their children’s information online regardless of the school they attend anytime 24/7.


The Pinellas County Schools Online Portal Allows Parents To Check Their Child’s:

  • Attendance
  • Schedule
  • Upcoming assignments and test dates
  • In-progress grades, test/quiz scores, homework
  • grades and project work
  • Final Grades, GPA & Class Rank
  • Discipline/referrals
  • Demographic information
  • Medical information
  • Important school messages, announcements, and upcoming school events
  • School calendar showing meetings and upcoming assignments
  • Alerts concerning your child’s attendance since your last log in
  • Teachers’ direct email links
  • Answering security questions will allow you access to reset your password or recover it if you have forgotten.

If a new user, a login will be provided by the school.

Your password (a combination of upper and lower case letters and numbers) will be given to you along with your new login.

How To Log-In To The PCS Portal?

There are 2 common ways parents and guardians can access the PCS system.

  1. New account registration (You have never previously had a ParentCONNECT account)
    • Visit any school to apply and bring a valid ID (one of the following):
    • Driver’s License
    • State ID card
    • Visa (not the credit card)
    • Military ID
    • Passport
    • Green Card
    • The school will use our new program, UMRA, to provide a username and password.
  2. Previous ParentConnect Account (You have a previous ParentCONNECT account)
    • Ever used ParentCONNECT to view your child’s grades or attendance.
    • Ever used SRS (Student Reservation System) to change any of your child’s information, reserved a seat in a school, or applied for a PCS magnet or fundamental school.
    • If you have forgotten your ParentCONNECT username and/or password, visit any school for assistance

If a previous ParentCONNECT user, your login will be p. (the letter p and a period) followed by your ParentCONNECT username.

If you are a previous ParentCONNECT user, your password must now be at least six (6) all capital letters and/or numbers. If your previous ParentCONNECT password was less than six characters, add to the end enough Z’s to equal six characters.

Using The Portal For The Student Reservation System (SRS)

A PCS Portal Parent User ID and Password is needed in order to use the Student Reservation System (SRS). The SRS will assist you in enrolling your child in a Pinellas County public school or to change your address.

The types of enrollment features on the Student Reservation System (SRS) include the following:

  • Current school year enrollment
  • Next school year enrollment
  • Change of residence address
  • Magnet programs/schools
  • Fundamental schools
  • Career Academy programs
  • Open Enrollment